Elizabeth George en Republica Dominican, no te lo puedes perder

Elizabeth GeorgeHey Sacerdotes, Elizabeth George estará con nosotros, estoy animandome a compartir esta información con ustedes, será en el próximo mes de marzo del 2007, ANIMENSE!!!


Un comentario en “Elizabeth George en Republica Dominican, no te lo puedes perder

  1. Hello Mrs. George who the Gentleman blesses it. Mrs. George I write to him so that I want that you I advised myself on problems that I am happening. My problem is following I I have padrastro which is a man without scruples, when I tapeworm 16 years began to harass to me (my mother does not know how it to avoid worse things), but aside from that the only one that wished was that I outside my house me it insinuated several times to it, my brothers who are children of have had much I mistreat verbal from, and also received mother to I mistreat verbal, he does not want to know of the evangelical ones, does not want that their children fence to the church, did not want that my grandparents went to my house so that he said that they were going to inculcar the Protestantism to him and that that she was for illiterate, comes when giving the case that my grandmother already started off with the Gentleman, which no longer this undergoing that, Also bothers to him bothers the people to him who one takes to the house, are hypocrite who when she comes any friend first makes the rising tide of which she is very good people while that friend is taking confidence begins to speak barbarisms of that person. Good she comes to give the case that my mother to left several times of but she becomes with so that she disguises herself of a person whom she has changed and who already does not go to do the same but since she spends days comes with but forces are created knows the whole. Not so that my mother falls in he himself hook, she completes time which they left themselves was in February she was very determined of which she did not go it to deceive but and that the love that she felt by no longer was but and now she read a book of Elizabeth George a woman according to the heart of God she change of opinion so that she says to many things on his husband inconverso. But I think that it is different so that she has seeded cizaña between my sister and I, from my when she seduced to me and we got to have some things, we did not arrive but far because I do not leave it and it attempt several times but when saw that I wanted to move away of so that he was bad and I underwent much that by I I love my mother, said to me that I was enamored with another one, in all along that we were together seeded cizaña to me against my uncles, grandfathers, my mother and said to me that my father never wanted and many barbarisms to me and that the unique era that tapeworm interest in my. I also create that she this letting itself take by the vanity so that everything what the book says says to the Bible and it already wise she and saves I buy many things to him, the a point in gym, take it hotels to deferential tourist of Juan Hurt (Rep. Sunday), by one week and venia to the house in afternoon only solving some things but hard 3 days without coming and according to her nothing else she was going to last 2 and the day that she said that venia I do not call in all the day, she I call after I went to the university and there was money and no tapeworm I who to go to the university and there was not nothing no to cook either then does not call either and even I create this very badly done because we are 4 and is one has 6 years, I I am not the greater one but I have many things that to do in the university and I cannot take care of all the things of the house, I that she needs to be a little relaxed but to go away with and also without having here to anybody that takes care to sleep here and makes the things of the house, because as I said very I am loaded in the university and I cannot take care of all that then for that reason I say that the vanity and the money it are returning crazy and she says that because read the book it went that she put herself to think. To part of everything I think that God does not want that she this with because they lived the first in concubinato and tapeworm their woman and a daughter who is not normal but supposedly had divorced of her but as she wants were with her, they married like ago two after living 16 years in concubinato and conceiving three children, but before marrying they they had had a lawsuit, very hard with many bad words and they left themselves but she became to convince of. I am praying and requesting to God wisdom and I to him that she put to me in the heart that wrote a house to him to you for a council. That the Gentleman blesses it.


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